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Aurelia Wasser’s paintings confront the viewer with unsettlingly sublime landscapes. Yet they are also romantic in the very best sense of the word inasmuch as they invariably represent an elemental “inside” or “hidden core.”


Inner Sea

Mixed media on canvas
150 x 180 cm

Paper Sculptures

Aurelia Wasser models sculptures out of handmade paper. Through their interaction with light they become light figures of captivating lightness and seemingly homogeneous individuality.


The Floating Ones

Group of five
Handmade paper / glass
157 cm

Acrylic Glass Sculptures

The fascination of Aurelia Wasser’s acrylic glass sculptures lies in their almost tangible immateriality. Similarly transfixing is their constantly changing multidimensionality and interaction with other materials and with light.


Light Dimension

Hewn acrylic glass / paper
23.5 x 27.5 x 18 cm


As hollow reliefs hewn in prismatic blocks of acrylic glass, the Lichtgaenger verge on the incorporeal. They capture, reflect, and multiply light, refracting it and beaming it out into the world. Being subject to constant change, the sculptures reveal themselves to us in multiple guises and from multiple angles in a constant play of ever-changing light.

Cubes & Reliefs

The Cubes and Reliefs are the first works in acrylic glass in which Aurelia Wasser makes deliberate use of colour. Hewn in acrylic glass with hammer and chisel, these objects capture light at all times of day and night, no matter how feeble or faint it may be. The interiors and shadows produced by the prevailing light conditions whisk viewers off into an utterly new dimension.


LDC 2019.15.15.8

Hewn acrylic glass
15 x 15 x 10 cm


Aurelia Wasser’s photography translates her soulscapes into aluminium Dibond. With light no longer the focus, the shadows are given free rein.


Shadow Dancers

Photograph on aluminium Dibond


Here you can find out more about Aurelia Wasser and her development as an artist. The portrait is also intended to give visitors a glimpse of her inner world.


Aurelia Wasser
In the studio Dettingen Teck

Work in Progress



  • |Es werde Lichter ...|

    Städtische Galerie Wendlingen

    20. Nov. 2019 - 05. Jan. 2020
    Vernissage: 20. Nov. 2019, 19:30 pm
  • |Eden|

    Kunst in Kirchen in der Wetterau

    17. Aug. - 03. Oct. 2019
  • Art Karlsruhe, Steinberger Galerien, Weikersheim & Langenargen / Bodensee

    21. - 24. Feb. 2019


Feel free to get in touch with me. I’m always happy to set aside time for art enthusiasts and to answer any questions you may have about my work.

Aurelia Wasser

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